Monday, 13 August 2012

two gems of the links

                                Autumn Gentian and Fragrant Orchid - two gems from recent classes

Just a few notes regarding Anne's last three plates. The localities  are as follows:

Wetland plate
Monkeyflowers - Tormiston Mill, Stenness
Marsh Cinquefoil - Mill Dam of Rango, Sandwick
Early Marsh Orchid - Como, Rendall
Amphibious Bistort - Loch of Ouse, Deerness
Mare's-tail - Loch of Ouse, Deerness

Sea cliffs - i
Spring Squill - Brough of Deerness, Deerness
Eyebright - Roseness, Holm
Sea Ivory - Head of Geo, Wyre
Mountain Everlasting - Lobust, Rousay
Alpine Meadow-rue - Orphir Bay, Orphir

Sea cliffs - ii
Scottish Primrose - Inga Ness, Sandwick
Cat's-ear - Stephen's Gate, Eday
Wild Thyme - Holm of Burghlee, Shapinsay
Autumnal Hawkbit - Hyndgreenie, Papa Westray
Roseroot - Brough of the Berry, Hoy