Monday, 17 January 2011

The Orkney Book of Wildflowers

The Orkney Book of Wildflowers is scheduled for publication at Christmas 2014. Tim Dean is writing the text, Anne Bignall is painting the flower and habitat plates and the Orcadian is responsible for the publishing. It will be a sister volume to the Orkney Book of Birds which appeared on the shelves in the winter of 2008 and the format for "Wildflowers" will follow that of the "Birds".

The Orkney Book of Wildflowers will feature 50 plates featuring ten different Orkney habitats and nearly 220 different plant species that occur in the county. The book begins its journey by the sea and finishes on the high hills of Hoy.

The blog will be kept up to date with photos of the plates that have been completed and examples of the text.


  1. This looks terrific Tim. Great to be able to follow the progress from the other side of the easel! All the best to you both.

  2. Mary Korndorffer19 August 2011 at 21:38

    This is wonderful news. We had a week in Orkney in July; saw purple orchids and grass of parnassus also a large multi-headed daisy near the end of the Orkneysaga cliff walk. IS it a garden escape?
    Can send you a photo if you contact me

    How can I get a copy of the book?

  3. Thank you Mary. So glad you enjoyed Orkney's flowers. The daisy could have been a Shasta daisy - and yes no doubt an escape from the garden. When next I'm that way I'll look out for it. The book will be available from us - just contact nearer the time. Have you seen the Orkney Book of Birds? Lots of brilliant birds in orkney locations - and the pocket guide comes out this Christmas.