Sunday, 3 April 2011

Links two

In the last week or so, it really seems as though spring is arriving fast.  This is great for seeing some of the flowers for our book but not so good in terms of painting productivity.  When the sun's out it seems a terrible waste to be indoors and I find myself gravitating towards rockpooling, beachcombing, tree planting or some other outdoor pursuit.  However this will not do.  I've also decided I'd like to add a little more detail into some of the plates because you rarely see a plant in isolation - there's always other vegetation around and I also like to include stones, shells, rubbish or other things you'd naturally find in the habitat.  This of course means it takes more time to complete each picture and I'm finding myself spending much more than the allotted 'month per plate' time slot I had hoped.

Anyway, plate 2 of the Links section is nearly complete and there's one more to go before we start on sea cliffs - just in time for all the seabirds to be arriving at their breeding colonies; it's a real wildlife highlight for me and I'm hoping to include some of the birds in the backgrounds to the pictures.

So here's the Links 2 plate so far, I'm hoping to finish it in a day or so.


  1. Really unusual and beautiful. It will be a fabulous book. I like the interesting composition to get all the information in.

  2. Jessica,
    thank you for your kind comments. When you embark on a project such as this it's always good to receive encouragement. Have you been to Orkney? Tim's been to Kew!
    Tim and Anne