Monday, 20 June 2011

Missing links........

Tim has been busy out and about over the last few weeks and has done more than his fair share of posts.  Feeling somewhat guilty I thought I'd better pull my finger out and show a little of what has been happening with the last two 'links' plates for the book, just in case it seemed like production had stopped altogether.  Here's the fourth one - drawn and partially painted.  Usually I rough it all out in paint before going back over in more detail but this time I've opted to apply most of the detail from the word go - we'll see how this turns out.  I'm giving myself a deadline of 5th July to finish.  This includes four days away on the amazing uninhabited island of Swona doing other artwork and working full time in between. However, by writing a date here, I'm hoping to shame myself into sticking to it.

The last drawing for the links section is below.  When doing lots and lots of paintings, little details like the horses and bumble bee (which you can't see here but will be painted in later) are welcome additions.

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