Monday, 8 August 2011

A couple of things.....

1) In mid-July Anne removed the Banner. The Vat of Kirbuster on Stronsay was the setting for the 'Sea cliffs, Coastal grassland and Coastal heath' section of the book. It has been replaced by the habitat plate for 'Sand and Shingle Shores - the soft coast' (try saying that quickly). The setting for this habitat section is Sanday - more specifically the curiously named bay called Groanies adjacent to Start Point - you can see the lighthouse in the background.
Anne has painted typical wildflowers to be found there: Curled Dock, Perennial Sow-thistle, Sea Sandwort, Sea Rocket and Oysterplant.

2) Anne's latest plate, the fourth dealing with the 'Links and Dry grasslands' section features some very familiar and some less familiar wildflowers. The familiar ones are of course Bird's-foot Trefoil (Bay of Creekland, Hoy) and Self-heal (Birsay links). The less familar links plants are Bulbous Buttercup (Sand of Rothiesholm, Stronsay), Curved Sedge (Bu links, Burray), Sea Bindweed and Lesser Meadow-rue (both at the northern end of Newark Bay, South Ronaldsay).

Anne has done a super job with all of them and there is just one more 'Links'plate to do which will feature Red Clover, White Clover, Hardheads, Ragwort and Bugloss.

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