Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Wetland flowers

Here's the first wetland or freshwater plate.  I've enjoyed painting this one, although once again it has taken a little longer than expected.  I find the plants growing in this habitat to be particularly characterful - often with quite striking flowers and/or leaves.  Some, like the Marsh Marigold, shown below, have quite architectural leaves and seem very robust whilst others like the Ragged Robin, also featured in this plate, appear very fragile and delicate. 

Some of these flowers have been unfamiliar to me.  I found this a little surprising because although I'm not a botanist I find it hard to believe I could have walked past the flamboyant blooms of the Great Willowherb without acknowledging their existence! (Great or Greater Tim? - you'll need to correct me).  Perhaps the somewhat inaccessible nature of the habitat means that some of the species are less frequently seen unless you go out looking for them?  Whatever the reason, I look forward to the next plate which includes one of my favourite flowers of wetter environs, Marsh Cinquefoil.


  1. Love the plate, been dipping in and out here for a while, I love ragged Robin, and giggle at it's 'grown up' Latin name, it's plain silly! Really looking forward to the book!

  2. Thank you Orkneyflowers - it's good to know we have a few folk looking at the blog, and looking at flowers. We are really looking forward to the book as well.......!!!!