Tuesday, 31 July 2012

A wetland and two cliffs plates

Here's the last 3 months' plates.....

The first painting in the set is the last of the wetland flowers plates.
Plate 1:From top left clockwise we have, monkey flower, marsh cinquefoil, heath spotted orchid, northern marsh orchid, amphibious bistort and mares tail.

Following this are the first two of the clifftop flowers plate.
Plate 2: From top left, clockwise, the flowers are spring squill, the lichen -  sea ivory, eyebright,
alpine meadow rue and mountain everlasting.
Plate 3: From top left, clockwise, the flowers are scottish primrose, wild thyme, cat's ear, roseroot and autumn hawkbit.


  1. The Orkney book of Birds is by far the most stunning book I have seen. I am sure the flower book will be equally beautiful. I will be first in the queue for the signing. What tallent and patients these books display.

    1. Thank you for your encouraging words - it's a long road but the destination is in sight.
      Tim and Anne