Thursday, 11 April 2013

An unprepossessing survivor to brighten up the days of spring - Sticky Mousear

It may be that you've never seen this little plant. It's not the most obvious of flowers but it tries its hardest to brighten up the dullest bits of concrete or tarmac at a time when we have a dearth of spring-time flowers. I don't know how it survives in Kirkwall; by July there are the little tell-tale marks on the pavements of the town where the Council spot sprayer has been. Maybe because it's an early flowerer, it can get away with the mid-summer treatment by which time it's flowers and greenery have vanished. I don't think you can find it everywhere in Kirkwall - it seems to be choosy - but try having a look at car parks especially where the kerb meets the tarmac. Arguably the best display I've seen recently has been at the Rendall Doocot car park although there is a bright and vivid line in Great Western Road (see below).


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