Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Sand dunes in progress

At the moment Tim and I are working on the plates for the 'links' habitats.  The habitat plate illustrates a dune from the Bu Sands in Burray.   The dune itself, is not perhaps the richest in term of plant diversity that Orkney has to offer, (although Tim might be correcting me on this in the next post!) but I think it's important to not just depict  the most obvious choices for each habitat.  There are so many great places to choose from, it's nice to try and get a good variety.  When Tim and I visited this location last year it was a pretty wild and windswept day -  I wanted to get that  across in the sky, with the addition of a bit of blue that I confess wasn't present on that particular day.

I'm now working on the first of three species plates for this habitat.   Here's how it looks so far - I've got a bit bogged down with painting 4 zillion strands of Marram and Lyme Grass but for light relief I give myself 5 minutes of Heart's Ease Pansy now and again.  I'll post the finished article soon.

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