Friday, 18 February 2011

The Tame Wood continued

The two plates that have been set aside for the Tame Wood section will include the following species:

Plate 34: Pink Purslane, Wood Anenome, Few-flowered Garlic, Salmonberry, Ground Elder, Daffodil
Plate 35: Polypody, Lesser Celandine, Bluebell, Snowdrop, Opposite-leaved Golden Saxifrage, Ground Ivy

The locations for these plants include Binscarth in Firth, Trumland in Rousay, Gyre in Orphir, Balfour Woods in Shapinsay, Woodwick in Evie and the Willows in Kirkwall.

Pink Purslane in the Willows

Few-flowered Garlic in Binscarth

Salmonberry in Trumland, Rousay

Salmonberry in Binscarth, Firth

Polypody in Binscarth, Firth

Bluebells in Trumland, Rousay

I've already included images of Snowdrops but thought you  may like to see the Snowdrops in Happy Valley - the image was taken in 2010. If you visit tomorrow you would most likely be able to see an exact replica of this image

Snowdrops in Happy Valley, Stenness 


  1. Dear Tim and Anne

    I have a query about possibly using your photo of Few flowered garlic featured above.

    Would it be possible to contact you with regards to this? What is the best way to contact you?

    Many thanks

  2. Hello Emma,
    You are welcome to use the photo. Would be good to know what for!!! and if you could include an appropriate credit if possible. Contact me (Tim) at