Saturday, 12 March 2011

Links one

At last I've just finished the first Links plate.  It has taken rather longer than hoped, which seems to be the way of things at the moment.  With a return of all the snow it seems a bit strange painting Heartsease Pansy and Lady's Bedstraw which will not be flowering until at least May.  In an ideal world we would be going out to the various sites and painting the pictures in situ but with a relatively short season flowering time for most plants, and so many species to cover, a bit of pragmatism has to come into play.  I have to also confess to liking a warm room and endless cups of tea whilst working, although I fear this method might be frowned upon by more hardy painters of plants and animals.

The locations for Anne's flowers are:
Wild Pansy -  Tres Ness, Sanday
Lady's Bedstraw - Dingieshowie, Deerness
Sand Sedge - Sandside Bay, Graemsay
Marram Grass - Bay of Skaill, Sandwick
Lyme Grass - Glims Holm

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